Galvanized Steel Coils & Sheets

Galvanising is the most effective corrosion protection for steel for years. Were have possibility to offer from 0.10-6.00 mm thickness range for galvanized steel. Besides we have possibilities to deliver other metallic coated products like aluzink (galvalume), aluminized, magnelis, galvannealed coated steel coils and sheets.

Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where rust resistance is needed, and can be identified by the crystallization patterning on the surface usually called a “spangle”. Common uses for galvanized steel are roofing and walling, safety barriers, handrails, consumer appliances and automotive body parts.

Prepainted Coils & Sheets

The prepainted steel coil is coated by organic paint on the surface of galvanized steel or galvalume steel coil both sides or single side and the paint can be different colors. Usually the paint is used with polyester paint, silicone modified polyester, high-durable paint, pvdf paint or other specified paint. Also protection film is available to apply on the surface of prepainted steel coils. Thickness range of repainted coils are mainly from 0.20-1.50 mm. 

Main applications for repainted steel is Roofing,Roll Shutter Door, Shutter, Room Decoration, Home Appliance etc.

Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets

Cold rolled coils are produced from re-rolling hot rolled coils under heat lower than re-crystallization temperature into thicknesses down to 0.2mm. This process improves the strength of the steel up to 20%. It also improves the surface finish and permits a tighter control of tolerances.

Common uses are tube and pipe making, white goods manufacturing, cutting to length and further processing by galvanizing and coating into higher value products. Higher grades of cold rolled coils are used for automotive applications.

Hot Rolled Coils and Sheets

Hot rolled coils are produced from slabs that are re-rolled at above re-crystallization temperature to produce a thinner sheet (between 1 and 20 mm). This long steel sheet can be bound in coil form, cut-to-length or slit into narrower strips to give it the desired shape.

Tube makers bend and weld the steel coil, sheet or strip to produce tubes for a variety of applications. Hot rolled products are also feedstock for upstream processing into higher value industrial products. They can be modified at cold rolling mills or by applying different coatings.

In addition, it is used directly in a variety of industrial applications.

Electrical Steel Coils & Sheets

Non-oriented electrical steels (CRNGO) between 0.10 mm and 1.00 mm thick are critical in the manufacturing of rotating machines of all sizes, as well as in small transformers and a variety of other electromagnetic applications. Their magnetic properties are combined with tailored insulation coatings which offer the best performance required for the manufacturing process and final application.

Grain oriented electrical steel (CRGO) is an essential material in the manufacture of energy-efficient transformers and large, high-performance generators.  Its unrivalled magnetic properties are a result of its unique grain structure, which is formed through a complex production process starting from high-silicon hot-rolled coil feedstock.

Tinplate & Tinmill Products

Tinmill steel products are light-guage carbon steel products that are coated in tin, coated in chrome, or uncoated.They included Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP), Tin Coated Sheet (TCS), Tin Free Steel / Electrolytic Chrome Coated Steel (TFS/ECCS), and Tinmill Blackplate (TMBP).

Tinmill products are available in thicknesses from  0.12-1.00mm and widths up to 1,225mm. This material can be single reduced (T1-T5), or double reduced (DR7-DR9).

As extremely highly-engineered, light-gauge, surface-critical products, the processing and handling of tinmill steel products differ significantly from other flat rolled products. Titan Steel’s long history with tinmill steel products allows us to deliver deliver cost-effective material that meet the requirements of the end use.